Follow your heart 4
If you've read my previous post, you should have noticed some change happening in the way I'm writing my blog posts. This because I strongly believe everyone should follow your heart, also when trying to earn money through a blog.  Actually, especially when trying to earn money through a blog!! […]

Follow your heart – why my blog posts are changing

transform your relationship money 1
Transforming your relationship with money is an important key to actually succeed in your business. You well know, that your thoughts about money make how much money you'll receive. (If you don't, I would suggest reading Total Money Magnetism, The Secret and The Alchemist).  This is the reason, why you'll […]

Transforming your relationship money – this is why you’re struggling ...

What if you don't have time to regularly update your website or blog??? What if you don't have inspiration for your next blogposts?? Have you thought about outsourcing???  Should you outsource?   Why should you do some outsourcing? Where to go for outsourcing? Fiverr Upwork Freelancer etc.  The sites mentioned […]

Outsourcing – why should you do this?

Google Rating
How to get rating stars in Google?? The best way is to install a rating plugin… more about it below.    Why should you want rating stars in Google?  When you've got rating stars on Google, you will definitely get more visitors to your website because people love to see […]

Rating plugin – to create Google rating stars

What is the best way to make money online in 2016 6
What is the best way to make money online in 2016? This is as question I get a lot and personally I can't give 1 answer. I believe to be successful in 2016 you should make use of multiple 'best' ways together and therefore maximize your profits!!  Of course, it's […]

What is the best way to make money online in ...

How to become self employed
I think it's really interesting to become self employed and stop being a wage slave! But, how to become self employed?? When you tell your environment you are thinking of becoming self employed, what kind of reactions do you get??  Let me know below.. A lot of times, people like […]

How to become self employed?

What is Empowr 3
A couple of days ago, I've stumbled upon 2 new kinds of social media platforms… The first one is called FutureNet (you can read the article about it over HERE) and the second one is called Empowr. But what is Empowr?? First of all, I want to say that I […]

What is Empowr?? – Another social media platform

my worst fears 2
Today I'm going to post something personal, something about what my worst fears are and why I created this website… I don't know if it's something you are interested in, but I believe if you get to know the person behind the website a bit better, you will like my […]

My worst fears…

thumbs up
It's that time of the year again, where peole all over the world try to prank eachother.. APRIL'S FOOL!!  I haven't done a prank myself, but I wanted to share some that happened today: So, I hoped you had a laugh today!!  Let me know in the comment section below […]

April’s Fool – share yours! :)