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Every now and then, life throws a curveball at you. In these moments, you are once again faced to the world's adventures of making life decisions.  Life decisions I know it's been a while that I've posted something and I don't even know if people will read my posts. But […]

Life decisions – what to choose?

Exciting news… 🙂 Opt-in my mailing list and get the FULL series of Affiliate Marketing Simplified (5) for FREE!! I've resell rights, but for some reason I wanted to give it to your for FREE!  If you're curious, don't read any further and just go sign-up now and receive the […]

Opt-in: Affiliate Marketing Simplified

sfi online business 2
As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I strongly believe in multiple income streams to create your own FINANCIAL FREEDOM!! Learn all about one that I'm using to create my personal financial income stream – my SFI online business an affiliate opportunity for serious people! Gotta JOB (Just […]

SFI online business – affiliate opportunity

how to avoid lack of concentration
I love working at home, just writing watherver I want whenever I want and however I want. These are definitely some of the great perks to having an online business (check out this article, to get more information on it). But, like with every job, this one also has some […]

How to avoid lack of concentration – my distractions

The last couple of years, you can encounter more and more specialty shops online. It has to do with the growth of the internet that more and more entrepreneurs see opportunities if they stand out. Who undertakes that way is usually very very aware of his USP. That stands for […]

USP – know what makes you unique

how to succeed in social media marketing 2
How to succeed in social media marketing?? Learn more about the psychology behind it…  So you want to connect with your readers/fans on a deeper level?? You can attract, engage and form bands with your audience by implementing some of the basic psychological marketing principles in your social media activities. […]

3 ways on how to succeed in social media marketing ...

the psychology of colors and shapes
I'm a very analytic person, so you can imagine I love to invest the brain and psychology of how things work.. Therefore I wanted to share with you some knoweledge about the psychology of logo colors and shapes. Because, it's so important for your business if you understand the basics […]

The psychology of logo colors and shapes

How to learn about affiliate marketing? Is a question I get a lot!! And there is just 1 possible answer in my opinion: READ! When you are working as a coach or have an online shop / blog, it's interesting to learn more about affiliate marketing, because it could help […]

How to learn about affiliate marketing? – recommended articles

How to attract clients to your business
As an entrepreneur, you'll have to figure out some way to attract clients to your business. But "how to attract clients to your business"? Especially when you are a spiritual being and strongly believe in the power of thinking and more???  How to make sure, the marketing part of your business […]

How to attract clients to your business? – for spiritual ...

Follow your heart 5
If you've read my previous post, you should have noticed some change happening in the way I'm writing my blog posts. This because I strongly believe everyone should follow your heart, also when trying to earn money through a blog.  Actually, especially when trying to earn money through a blog!! […]

Follow your heart – why my blog posts are changing